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"James Joyce and Ulysses"

Commentary No. 1 - Rollbook of pupils at Clongowes (1891)

Clongowes roll book, 1891In 1888, six-year old Joyce was sent to Clongowes Wood College, a private Jesuit-run school at Sallins, Co. Kildare. The fee was £25.00.00 per annum. His father was able to pay until 1891, when the child was withdrawn from the school, and sent to the Christian Brothers' school in North Richmond Street for two years. However, Father Conmee, the Rector of Clongowes, subsequently became Prefect of Studies at Belvedere College in Dublin, another Jesuit-run school, and he arranged for James to be accepted there as a pupil on a non-fee paying basis. Father Conmee opens the Wandering Rocks episode of Ulysses: "The superior, the very reverend John Conmee S. J. reset his smooth watch in his interior pocket as he came down the presbytery steps. Five to three. Just nice time to walk to Artane. What was that boy's name again? Dignam. Yes." The roll book of pupils at Clongowes in 1891 lists James Augustine Joyce.

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